Instructions for updating your Item Fees are below. There is a Frequently Asked Questions section at the bottom of this article.

Note | prerequisites: Must be up to date with your MDS subscription, logged on to any Medilink PC with Administrator rights, Medilink closed on this PC

Video Instructions:

Step Instructions:

1. Open Medilink Launcher, Login and click Update >> Fees.

Alternatively download, unzip and run the following:

2. Follow the prompts (click Next/Allow when prompted).

3. Make sure the appropriate state is selected (i.e. NSW if you are in NSW) and click OK. If you are participating in the Known Gap for HCF/HBF etc, tick these options.

4. Wait for updater to finish, this might take 10 minutes or so, then click Close when prompted.

If you have problems with the fee update email or phone 1300 881 995.

Known Gap

A few of the fee providers now offer Known Gap fee schedules, which allows you to charge above the No Gap amount. Please contact these funds to be a part of their Known Gap scheme/agreement. Tick the option in the fee updater to import these rates.


  • When should I import fees? Technically before you do any billing for services in that period, i.e. before you start billing your 1st July services. *However* Medicare/DVA/Funds will pay the correct amount regardless and Medilink will automatically adjust bulk billing and overpaid ECLIPSE claims; so there isn't any huge urgency (doing it a day or even a week late won't have much of an impact). 

  • What fees have changed? It's likely that they have not changed much for you due to a freeze on the MBS indexation. For specific changes to the MBS you should review the MBS page:

  • What if I'm behind a proxy/cannot connect? Theoretically you should be prompted to enter proxy details, although we know that some hospital environments are difficult to configure. If you have problems please call the support line above.

  • How do I get new item numbers? You actually have to add them manually in to the Medilink Item Fee screen and then run the fee updater. You should only add the items you are using.

  • Can I import all MBS fees? We don't recommend it as it can slow your billing. We do intend on offering a system of importing fees for specific provider types in a future development though.

  • Does the updater set my private billing rate ('u' column)? No this should be set manually by the practice.

  • Does this have all of the DVA and Fund fee rates too? Probably. DVA and the Funds are often late to provide their fee schedules though, so it might be a week or more after the MBS release date. For minor releases (i.e. any time other than July 1st) it's entirely possible that they won't release anything. Unfortunately there is not much we can do about this.

  • Do you provide Workcover fees? No but we do intend on offering them as part of a future development though.

  • Do you provide Known Gap fees for the funds? At this stage it's only HCF & HBF. Some other funds don't have Known Gap schedules but do actually allow you to charge above the No Gap rate - however you must discuss this with them as an agreement.

  • Do you provide AMA fees? No because the AMA do not allow third parties to distribute their fees. If you are an AMA member and have the fee file please contact us.

  • What about HICAPS fees? The HICAPS fee rates are not importable, all you need are the items (which should have been imported when it was set up based on your provider type(s)), and when you bill it the system will automatically bill the rate that the Fund/HICAPS terminal stipulates.