We've had some questions about how to use Medilink to find the most common referrers for your practice/provider (i.e. which referrers are giving you the most referrals). This guide will show you how to do just that. 

Please note that we do not provide support for Microsoft Excel. 

1. Navigate to the Accounting Screen.

2. Choose the Links menu.

3. Choose Export.

4. Choose Referrers By Date Range.

5. Choose Detailed - Referrers and Patients.

The next question asks "How to search for patients". Just to explain that a bit, this report works first by finding patients who were "seen" within a date range, and then shows the referrers for those patients. What determines a patient as being "seen" can mean different things to different practices, either they were billed for a service in that period (i.e. a Transaction), or they had an Appointment in that period. 

6. So for this question, you can choose to search by either Transaction and Appointment, or both (but it takes longer). 

7. Choose the date range for the patients were seen.

8. [Optional] Choose the servicing providers (click enter to leave them all selected).

This produces a Crystal report.

9. Press the little envolope with the red arrow at the top.


10. Change the format to Comma-separated values (CSV) - NOT character-separated values

11. Click OK.

12. Click OK again - the number and date formats are not important.

This opens the file in Excel (yours will more likely be much more verbose than the example below). 

13. Insert a new row above all of this data.

14. Highlight cells 2F through 2Q and paste them in cell 1Q (these are our new columns headers).

15. Highlight columns A-Q, right-click and Delete. 

16. Repeat step 15 for columns M and N.


17. Click on any cell with data and press CTRL+A (highlight all the data).

18. Go to Insert menu -> Pivot Table.

19. Drag Referring Names to the "Row" field and drag the Patient Names to the "Values" field.


20. You can highlight all of the data in the "Count of Patient Name" column and select Sort & Filter -> Sort Largest to Smallest to show the referrers with the highest number of referrals first.